About Us

The world is changing fast with new events happening almost every hour that change the way we look at things around us. Journalism and reporting of events has been overhauled to match with the changing times. We at Ask Reporter believe it is our duty to deliver an accurate report of whatever we cover – be it serious political news or casual lifestyle news. Ask Reporter is an online digital newspaper, where we believe in delivering fast, accurate and no-fringe-attached news to the readers. It is our endeavor to avoid click-bait, inaccurate, over-hyped news aimed at cashing in on social-media trends.

We are a young site in an overcrowded market where there is enough content to confuse everyone but bringing news of the day with international perspective is our forte. We do not intend to concentrate on one specific region and strive to bring global news of the day for the readers instantly, providing a glance at the impact and implications.

We sincerely refrain from misleading readers with click bait headlines which often upset the reader. To accomplish this edge, we keep our news stories in not less than 300 words each. We do not offer merely roundup of news of the day but take it ahead with a thoughtful, insightful look into the various news of the day. We want to pick what a reader needs to be aware of.

We focus on Business, Science, Technology and Health news and we are inviting you not merely to read our news stories but also to contribute liberally on any topics that might be of interest to you by sending us an email on info@askreporter.com

Our Editorial Staff:

Editor/Publisher: Kate Thompson, a journalist who has held many editorial roles at a number of high-profile publishers – both offline as well as online. Kate has more 9 years of experience and can be reached at kate@askreporter.com

Editorial Advisor: Rob McKinsey, a Ph.D. in International Relations and an experienced journalist with 20 years of track record covering major global events. He can be contacted at rob@askreporter.com

News Editor: Mary Cottrell, mary@askreporter.com