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World Cup 2023: Wasim Akram Slams Hazan Raza For Bizarre ‘India Using Different Balls’ Claim

Wasim Akram didn’t hold back in rejecting Hasan Raza’s bizarre claim that the Indian team used different balls during the World Cup 2023. India’s fast bowlers, in particular, have made the ICC Men’s Cricket world cup 2023 look easy by consistently delivering impressive performances. Their latest triumph was a resounding 302-run victory over Sri Lanka, where the Sri Lankan team was bowled out for just 55 runs while chasing a target of 358.

Former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza has accused the Indian team of unfair play, suggesting that the ICC and the BCCI favor Indian bowlers by providing them with special balls.

“We are seeing that when they are batting, they bat really well and suddenly the ball starts doing things when India bowl. There have been 7-8 close DRS calls that have gone in their favour. The way Siraj and Shami were swinging the ball. , it seemed like the ICC or the BCCI were giving them different and suspicious balls in the second innings. There needs to be an inspection done on the ball. There could also be an extra layer of coating on the ball for swing,” Raza told. a Pakistani news channel ABN.

You Will Get Us Humiliated: Wasim Akarm Responds To Hasan Ali’s Bizarre Claim

Wasim Akram, speaking on A Sports, responded: “I have been reading about it for the last couple of days. I want to have the same thing these guys are having, sounds like fun because their mind is not there. You will embarrass yourself and you will get us humiliated as well in front of the whole world.”

He explained the ball-handling process, saying, “It’s a very simple thing. The fourth umpire come up with a box of 12 balls. The team that win the toss, and if they are bowling then that team would pick the two balls in front of four umpires and the referee.”

“The on-field umpire will keep the first ball in their right and the second in left. Then the remaining balls they take to the other dressing room in a box with lot of people with him. The second team will pick two balls and thereafter , those two balls will be shown to the on-field umpire explaining them exactly which team has picked what. I don’t know who comes up with such conspiracy theory,” he added.

Akram also suggested that instead of conspiracy theories, people should consider the possibility that these bowlers have improved their skills and should be appreciated.



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