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Wilson Gst Football

38 state associations for high school football and more than 180 NCAA programmes all use the Wilson GST football as their official ball. Aside from football, it is the most popular game in the nation. The GST has a reputation for being durable, with precise throws, and with a soft feel.

What makes the Wilson GST football so special?

Wilson Gst Football

The Wilson GST football is the best ball available thanks to a number of cutting-edge elements that go into its construction.

Light Leather Formula

 The GST is made with Wilson’s exclusive Light Leather Formula, which is the softest football leather on the market. This gives the ball a unique feel that’s easier for your fingers to sink into for more control.

Patented Sewn-On Stripes

The GST football is the only one with patented sewn-on stripes. Instead of being painted, these stripes are comprised of composite material and offer 82% more grip to help with release for more accurate throws.

Accurate Control Lacing (ACL)

Gst Football

Additionally, the GST has Correct Control Lacing (ACL), which is trademarked. ACL has pebbles instead of smooth surfaces and offers 174% higher traction in all circumstances. As a result, even in muddy or rainy conditions, you can be sure that you’ll have a strong grip on the ball.

Advantages of playing with a Wilson GST football

There are many benefits to using a Wilson GST football. These benefits include:

Greater accuracy :

You can throw farther because to the GST’s distinctive sewn-on stripes and silky feel.

Better control: 

The GST’s sewn-on stripes and ACL also give you better control of the ball, which can help you to make more plays.

Increased durability:

Because it is constructed with premium materials, the GST is strong enough to handle the rigours of competitive football.

How to choose the right Wilson GST football for you

There are several different sizes of the Wilson GST football, including official, youth, junior, and pee wee. Additionally, it comes in a range of hues, including as tan, white, and black. Make sure to pick the size and colour of a Wilson GST football that are appropriate for you.

How to care for your Wilson GST football

Be careful to take good care of your Wilson GST football to maintain it in good shape. Here are some pointers:

  • Maintain the ball’s cleanliness by wiping it down with a moist cloth after each usage.
  • Maintain appropriate ball storage: When not in use, keep the ball in a cool, dry location.
  • The ball should be regularly condition: every few months, condition the ball using a leather conditioner. This will keep the leather supple and soft.


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