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Will ChatGPT Subscribers Soon Have Access To The “ChartGPT Builder” Option?

As AI chatbot ChatGPT creator OpenAI gears up for its inaugural developer conference, a new leak reveals a substantial update that ChatGPT would get soon. A report from The Decoder says that leaked screenshots and videos reveal a custom chatbot creator has several features already available in ChatGPT using GPT-4, like web browsing and data analysis. The developer conference is said to be held on November 6.According to the leaks, The Decoder report added, OpenAI is also introducing new enterprise subscriptions and workspace management. The Team Plan tier is available for $30 per month, or $25 per month for an annual subscription – but only with a minimum of three users, raising the price to a minimum of $90 per month.

According to reports, the ChatGPT parent will also have a new marketplace where users can share their chatbots or browse those created by others.

As per a video shared by Tibor Blaho, a developer of SEO tools, the UI of the new feature—a GPT Builder option—enables users to input prompts like “create a persona that aids in producing visuals for new products” for chatbot development. The video demonstrated choices available on the “Create” tab, including default language, tone, and writing style for the bot. Moving to the “Configure” page, users can name, describe, and provide instructions for the bot regarding its capabilities.

Meanwhile, OpenAI is also mulling to build the “iPhone of AI” and is seeking to raise $1 billion from SoftBank, previous reports said. The company is in early talks to create the iPhone of artificial intelligence and Sam Altman, OpenAI’s CEO is looking to use former Apple designer Sir Jony Ive’s design company LoveFrom to develop OpenAI’s first consumer device, a previous report by Financial Times (FT) said.

OpenAI’s hardware efforts are at its very earliest stages. Altman and Ive have only begun what kind of hardware could do or look like.



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