Why are hindu gods blue


Why are Hindu deities often represented as blue,There are several ideas, however the following are some of the more popular ones:

The sky and the skies are connected with the color blue. Hinduism believes that the gods reside in the skies, therefore it seems to reason that they would be represented in a hue that is connected to that domain.
The virtues of honesty and purity are also connected to the color blue. Given that Hindu gods are associated with purity and honesty, it seems sense that they would be represented by a hue that exemplifies these traits.
According to legend, blue has cooling and relaxing effects. It’s probable that blue was selected to symbolize compassion and benevolence since Hindu gods are often seen as having these traits.
The element of water is also related to the color blue. It’s probable that blue was selected as the hue to stand for these characteristics since in Hinduism, water is seen as a sign of life and purity.
Hindu gods are blue for a variety of reasons, which are ultimately up for interpretation. There is no one correct response, and a person’s or culture’s interpretation of the significance of the color blue may differ.

For further information on each of the aforementioned hypotheses, see:

Numerous Hindu writings make reference to the relationship between the color blue and the sky and the heavens. For instance, the gods are said to reside in “the blue sky” in the Rig Veda, one of the earliest Hindu texts.
Hindu writings also mention the connection between the color blue and truth and purity. For instance, the deity Krishna is described as having “the hue of the black rain cloud” in the Bhagavad Gita, a later Hindu text.
Hindu literature also make reference to the cooling and soothing effects of the hue blue. For instance, a group of philosophical books known as the Upanishads claims that the hue blue is “like the coolness of the moon.”
Hindu writings also mention the connection between the color blue and the element of water. For instance, the Hindu epic the Vishnu Purana describes the divinity Vishnu as “the blue ocean of awareness.


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