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Shreyas Iyer Gets Angry At Reporter Over ‘Short Ball’ Question; Video Viral After IND-SL Match

Shreyas Iyer angry viral video: Team India’s star middle-order batter Shreyas Iyer got angry at a reporter after the latter said short-pitched deliveries was a problem for him. Shreyas Iyer’s performance during IND vs SL ICC Cricket World Cup match on Thursday (November 2) at the Wankhede Cricket Stadium in Mumbai was indeed remarkable. The star batsman effectively countered short-pitch deliveries, scoring 82 runs off 56 balls, including six sixes and three fours against the Lankan Lions. When asked about his struggles with short-pitched deliveries in IND vs SL World Cup match post-match interview, Iyer responded to the reporter’s query in a displeased manner.

Realizing that his question made Iyer a bit upset, the reporter clarified saying, “Not a problem exactly, but it’s troubled you.”

“Troubled me?” Iyer replied. “Have you seen how many pull shots I’ve scored, especially that have gone for four? If you’re trying to hit a ball, you’re bound to get out anyway, irrespective of if it’s a short ball, if it’s overpitched If I get bowled two or three times, you all would say, ‘he can’t play an inswinging ball, he can’t play a cut if the ball is seaming’.

“We as players, we are bound to get out on any sort of deliveries. You guys have created that mahaul outside that ‘he can’t play a short ball’, and I feel that people are picking that up every now and then and it plays on your mind regularly, and you keep working on that,” he continued.

Watch below viral video of Shreyas Iyer losing cool over ‘short ball’ question from a reporter after IND vs SL ICC Cricket World Cup Match in Mumbai

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