How to cancel paypal transaction


PayPal is a well-known online payment system that makes it simple and secure to send and receive money. You could occasionally need to cancel a PayPal transaction, though. The procedures are as follows:

Register for a PayPal account.
Select “Activity” from the tabs.
Locate the transaction you want to reverse.
Select “Cancel” from the menu.
There will be a confirmation window. To confirm, click the “Cancel Payment” button.
Important Reminders

Only pending PayPal transactions are subject to cancellation. You are unable to cancel a transaction once it has been completed.
The seller may still charge you a fee even if you cancel a payment.
They will get a refund if you decide to cancel a payment you made to a friend or relative.
How to Request a Refund for a Successful PayPal Purchase

You can open a dispute to request a refund for an already-completed PayPal purchase. The procedures are as follows:

Register for a PayPal account.
Select “Resolution Center” from the tabs.
Select “Open a dispute” from the menu.
Choose the transaction you want to contest.
Enter the basis of your disagreement.
Describe any supporting data you have for your assertion.
Select “Submit” from the menu.
If PayPal decides in your favor after looking into your complaint, they will reimburse your money.

This blog post should be useful, I hope. Please feel free to get in touch with PayPal customer care if you have any additional inquiries about how to cancel a transaction.

Here are a few further pointers for stopping a PayPal transaction:

You can get in touch with the vendor and ask for a refund if you can’t cancel the transaction through PayPal.
You might be able to dispute the charge with your credit card provider if you used a credit card to purchase the item.
Including the cancellation request and any reply from the merchant or PayPal, keep a copy of any communication relating to the transaction. If you need to take additional steps to obtain a refund, this will be helpful.


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