How many jobs are available in consumer services


The business sector known as “consumer services” is large and includes a variety of organizations that provide services to people. Everything comes within this category, from dining establishments and shops to financial services and healthcare. Since there are numerous opportunities accessible in this industry, it should come as no surprise.

In the United States, consumer services were expected to employ 155.3 million people in 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 80% of all occupations in the nation are represented by this. In terms of employment in consumer services, the top five industries were as follows:

How many jobs are available in consumer services
  • Retail trade: 47.2 million jobs
  • Healthcare and social assistance: 28.8 million jobs
  • Accommodation and food services: 13.7 million jobs
  • Professional and business services: 12.1 million jobs
  • Transportation and warehousing: 8.4 million jobs

In the next years, there should be beneficial expansion of employment in the consumer services sector. in relation to the BLS, employment in this industry is expected to increase by 7.9% during 2021 and 2031, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Many factors, among which are an increasing demand for healthcare and social assistance services, the development of e-commerce, and the need for more personnel to care for the aging population, will contribute to this expansion.

There are several choices open to you. Jobs in this industry that are among the most prevalent include

  1. Retail sales associate
  2. Customer service representative
  3. Restaurant server
  4. Hotel clerk
  5. Personal care aide
  6. Medical assistant
  7. Financial advisor
  8. Insurance agent
  9. Web developer
  10. Graphic designer

Depending on the specific role, numerous skills are needed for multiple positions. However, a college degree is optional for a lot of jobs in the consumer services field. Although some firms may favor people with a background in sales or customer service, many are eager to teach new hires.

A vast variety of jobs are available in the expansive and diverse consumer services sector. Here are several chances available to you if you’re interested a job in this sector of the economy. You may find a job that is both pleasant and profitable if you have the required skills and experience.


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