Reasons for Few Women in Japanese Politics

Kaori Ishikawa introduced herself to an audience in Northern Japan as a 33-year-old who had three children. Her audience comprised of men mostly. Ms. Ishikawa asked her audience why they wouldn’t elect her as their parliamentarian. Japan has ranked as the worst country in women in leadership positions especially politics. In fact, the country has

Voting Against Dallas County Schools Bus Agency Could Hurt Dallas Area Students

In spring, lawmakers passed two bills that may see the demise of the Dallas County Schools (DCS) bus agency unless voters decide to keep the agency on November 7th, the general election date. What is DCS? Dallas County Schools (DCS) is a county school district that offers full service or supplemental student transport services to

Generic ballot predicts Democratic gains in 2018

According to The Washington Post, a new CNN poll has good news for the Democratic Party. The poll asked voters if they would vote for a generic Republican or a generic Democrat in the 2018 elections. Voters favored the generic Democratic candidate by 16 percentage points, 54 percent to 38 percent. Polling experts stress that

An Insight on the Japanese Political Arena

One month ago, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided to dissolve the parliament. The Japanese people are expected to go to the polls on 22nd October as the prime minister aims at strengthening his party. While dissolving the parliament, he was in a position of strength. While his popularity and poll ratings continue to increase,

Tesla Motors Fires Incompetent Employees

Telsa Motors announced that they had fired hundreds of workers last week. The electric-car maker resulted to this action following performance reviews. This performance review was geared towards the biggest expansion by the car maker since its establishment. However, the company confirmed that the workers who had been fired were fired for genuine reasons. The

Ivanka Trump Begins Campaign To Help Women In Business

Ivanka Trump recently announced that she is spearheading an initiative called The Women Entrepreneur Finance Initiative. This is an organization that will put billions of dollars into small to medium-size businesses in developing countries. Women who live in developed countries often struggle to get the funding that they need. Anta Babacar is one of the