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Honoring Leadership with Highland Capital Management at the Bush Center

  Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush hosted the Forum on Leadership at the Bush Presidential Center April 18 – 20 in Dallas, Texas, bringing together leading voices for an in-depth look at today’s pressing issues, including foreign and domestic relations. The three days were spent with leaders from a variety

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Names A Federal Prosecutor To Look Into Clinton’s Email Debacle

Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t really know what to expect when Trump gave him the Attorney General’s job. But Sessions knew he wanted power to enforce his kind of law. And he is doing that. As far as Sessions is concerned, the United States is at the mercy of drug dealers, and illegal immigrants are

Dr. Dov Rand and His Anti Aging Therapies

Dr. Dov Rand: Introducing Integrated Therapies for Aging

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist in anti-aging treatments that go beyond the traditional approaches used by most medical practitioners. He treats the body’s symptoms at the root level and uses a combination approach to support lasting changes that improve the quality of life for people suffering from a variety of disorders. He has experience

todd lubar bed bugs baltimore

Is Something ‘Bugging’ You About Your New Home? Todd Lubar talks Baltimore Bedbugs

Thinking of moving? Thinking of bed bugs? Believe it or not, these can be two quite parallel streams of consciousness when considering a big move to another city or state. An Atlanta-based pest control company, Orkin, even issues a list of the most bed-bug-infested cities in the U.S. Though such issues should not predominate the

Jeff Aronin Uses Paragon Bioscience to Develop New Medicine

Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences Drive Development of Important Medicines

The mission of Paragon Biosciences is to improve lives through the use of biomedical innovations. The company seeks to help people live healthier for longer. Paragon helps build and grow biotechnology companies through investments of financial and human resources — ensuring each biotech startup has the best chance to succeed.     The Paragon Philosophy

David Giertz Covers Retirement Savings Rules For 2018 That You Need To Know About

  There are rules to the road when it comes to saving for retirement. The more you know about them, the more you can prepare yourself for how to adapt to what is coming next. A few of the changes that are coming for 2018 are things that might surprise you if you are not