Author: Rob McKinsey

Choosing to Accept Michael Hagele’s Challenge to Try Mountain Biking Around California

Mountain biking offers challenges and rewards that on-road rides cannot start to rival. A considerable difference between the two modes that may seem the same to the unknowledgeable observer is the quality of equipment. A graduate of the University of Iowa at the bachelor level and the University of California at Berkeley for his J.D.,

Doe Deere Gives a Powerful Testimonial about the American Dream

Doe Deere Gives a Powerful Testimonial about the American Dream

In a recent guest post for Entrepreneur, Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff founder, Doe Deere, speaks about her experience as an immigrant and entrepreneur. Her experience is not only similar to many people entering America to start a better life, it’s inspirational for people from all walks of life. Deere is currently shifting her role

Uk’s Prime Minister Has Pointed Fingers on Vladimir Putin for the Russian Pair That Was Accused of Novichok Poisonings.

The United Kingdom is seeking to intensify pressure to the leader of the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin. This is after British officials named two Russian military intelligence officials that had been allegedly ordered to execute the poisoning attack in Novichok. The incidence occurred in Salisbury. Theresa May delivered an exclusive statement to a packed House

End Citizens United supports candidates that reject PAC Money

Candidates Join End Citizens United to Reject Corporate PAC Money

On January 21, 2010, the way that elections worked was dramatically altered. That was the day that the Supreme Court announced its decision in the Citizens United v. FEC case. The court ruled in favor of Citizens United, and this put corporations and individual American citizens on equal footing. As such, they both had the

Beamridge Ltd and Lee May Help Youth Sports Organizations

Philanthropist Lee May and Beamridge Ltd Sponsor Several Youth Organizations

Many people clamor for the secret to success across all sectors of business. This is especially true in the real estate industry where success can be lucrative and failure can be financially devastating. In a field replete with competition and players hailing from all over the world stage, success can be elusive for all but

Dr. Saad Saad gives his advice on vaccinations for children

Dr. Saad Saad’s Views: The Importance of Vaccinations

Every pediatrician has received phone calls at home, often late at night, from parents concerned about their children’s symptoms, says Dr. Saad Saad, a noted pediatric surgeon. Rashes, fevers, severe cough, headache, sore throat. Parents ask: Should we be worried? In this article, Dr. Saad, who is now retired, contributes his thoughts and opinions on

hyperloop-visual-shervin pishevar

Shervin Pishevar & Elon Musk: Racing to Build the First Hyperloop

More than five years ago, Californians gathered at the polls to finally tackle one of the state’s most vexing, complex, and decade-old problems: A crumbling, aging, woefully inadequate transportation infrastructure. Faded asphalt and deep potholes were pervasive and annoying side effects — unseemly in a state that boasted an economy larger than the entire countries

An Armed Stand-Off That Was Experienced in South Sacramento Hotel Ended up Peacefully.

The eight hours standoff with the SWAT team in Sacramento ended up okay the way the police wanted. The incidence transpired on Friday morning. The whole ordeal was at a motel that is located in South Sacramento. The police officers appended the offender. The suspect was handcuffed and placed in a police car at around

Ryan Seacrest’s Intense Workout Plan Will Make You Sweat

Ryan Seacrest and his fabulous girlfriend Shayna Taylor are having a blast on their vacation in Italy. The 43-year-old host and entertainment mogul was spotted enjoying dinner with his girlfriend and friends in Portofino, Italy. While Italy is known for its beauties and rich history, the country is also known for its culinary specialties. Ryan