The Life And Times Of Church Leader Andy Stanley

A lot of people need the word of God now more than ever as countless harrowing news globally may have shaken the faith and devotion of many. It is at these trying times that numerous church leaders step up to provide the masses with the encouragement they need to move on with their lives. One of the church leaders going against all odds is megachurch pastor Andy Stanley.

Born 1958, Andy Stanley is currently the senior pastor of several congregations in the U.S. These includes the North Point Community Church, Browns Bridge Church, Woodstock City Church, Decatur City Church, Gwinnett Church, and Buckhead Church. Aside from these positions, he is also the founder of North Point Ministries – a worldwide Christian organization.

North Point Ministries was founded in 1995 along with the help of five other church leaders. Since being established, it has grown to six campuses and has culminated over 32,000 attendees each week. It has also helped out over 20 strategic partner churches in the U.S. and Canada. That being said, it is easy to see why Andy Stanley’s church is one of the biggest in the U.S.

Andy Stanley had to pass through many challenges before becoming the church leader that he is today. The foundations of his church leadership began when he earned a master’s degree from the Dallas Theological Seminary. After studying, he worked as an Associate Pastor and Minister to Students at First Baptist Atlanta. Before all of these, he received his journalism degree from Georgia State University.

As the leader of these churches and congregations, he has helped strengthen the footing of Christianity in the U.S. There’s no telling just how many he has reached out to throughout his time as a leader but numbers don’t matter as his actions speak louder than anything else.

Because of his experience and devotion in spreading the word of God, Andy Stanley was considered as the 10th most influential living preacher in 2010. He has also been selected as a speaker for numerous key conferences and seminars across the U.S. Aside from these, he is an author of numerous self-help and inspirational books.

Andy Stanley is more than just one of the most influential pastors in the U.S. He is also a family man at heart. If it were a profession, we’re sure that he would receive accolades for it as well. He currently resides in Milton Georgia with his wife Sandra. He has three loving and successful children, Garret, Allie, and Andrew. Unlike most children who have gone on to become adults, they still have a solid bond with their father despite each having busy schedules.

That bond should not be surprising anymore as the Stanley family is built of faith and religion. Charles Stanley, the father of Andy is the senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. He is also the founder of InTouch Ministries. Meanwhile, Andy Stanley and his wife Sarah found comfort and love with one another through the religion they shared.

His educational and familiar foundations served as a great launching pad for his knowledge and wisdom in becoming one of the leaders of Christianity in the U.S. At the age of 60, Andy Stanley has already contributed a lot to the church not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world. Despite his age and experience, it seems like he isn’t slowing down anytime soon when it comes to spreading the word of God. Thanks to him, more and more people are finding comfort and love in religion. Hopefully, he reaches out to more people soon.

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