Brian Unmacht Joins Bartell Drug’s Leadership Realm

George H. Bartell established Bartell Drugs in 1890. He bought the Lake Washington Pharmacy in Seattle Central District. A second outlet was opened in Downtown Seattle after eight years. Mr. Bartell sold one store after fourteen years and opened another outlet at Second Avenue. In the 1930s, there were 15 stores. Bartell involved his sons in the business. By 1956, the family owned about 23 stores.

Background of Bartell Drugs

Bartell Drugs is evolving from being a family-owned business to a publicly operated company. Brain Unmacht has been hired to serve as its CEO. He understands that his role is wadding off competition besides keeping the brand relevant. Unmacht has experience serving in the drugstore sector. Brian Unmacht’s father owned a chain of drugstores in the 1970s, and he served in rural towns. Unmacht worked in the drugstores while learning about the operation of the business and management. As a result, he became its manager and oversaw filing and administrative work.

Experience and Professional Qualification

Over the years, the company generated about $15 million annually. After college, a travel bug bit him, and he traveled to Pakistan, Nepal, and Europe. Unmacht returned home and decided to serve in the formal employment sector. He worked at REI, which was a revered company in their country. Brian managed the Tempe store while overseeing the launch of a new store in Chicago. He was the VP of REI’s store in Japan. Brian Unmacht is making his way back to the drugstore sector with the new break at Bartell Drugs. The firm is competing with megastores such as CVS and Walgreens. Unmacht’s mission is to help Bartell Drugs store unstocked products in the leading stores. Bartell Drugs sells other unique products such as candy and ice cream. The management is partnering with local vendors to manufacture more unique items.

Unmacht’s Mission at Bartell Drugs

The Bartell family hired outsiders to help gain a new perspective on their company. Having recognized a gap in the lineage of the family, Bartell Drugs added Brian Unmacht because of his success. He began as a manager then made his way up to the company’s hierarchy. Unmacht will oversee 62 stores. He intends to add two or three stores annually. This projection will assist Bartell Drugs to delve into competition with the largest drugstores in the country. Brian also hopes to expand the company’s operations into local surrounding areas. He is currently focused on Snohomish County. Other areas he has focused on include Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, and other capitals in the south. As Walgreens partners with Rite Aid, Unmacht believes that some of the areas Rite Aid supplies will be redundant. He can build new stores in these locations.

Analyzing the Drugstore Retail Space

Walmart significantly impacted the retail space following its focus on outsourcing foreign workers. This reduced staffing costs. Amazon is the current disruptor. Unmacht reiterates that there will be a brand disrupting the marketplace. Unmacht’s mission is always to position the brand strategically. He advises the board of directors to diversify the company’s portfolio.

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