Mark Cuban Might Run for President in 2020

One of the most outspoken critics of President Donald Trump has been Mark Cuban. The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks has been a thorn in Trump’s side ever since Trump announced his candidacy. Cuban said many negative things about Trump during the presidential campaign. At one point, Cuban even offered to donate $10 million to a charity of Trump’s choice in exchange for the opportunity to interview Trump before the election. Obviously, Trump was not about to allow Cuban to make him look like a fool. Therefore, Trump did not even respond to Cuban’s offer.

A new report has come out that indicates Cuban might be thinking about taking on Trump in a new way during the 2020 presidential campaign. It seems that Cuban is seriously thinking about running for the nation’s highest office. Cuban has not officially entered the race as of yet. However, he did say that he would be an independent candidate if he did decide to run. Cuban believes that one of the main reasons why Trump won the presidency if because he is not a politician and had no background whatsoever in politics. Cuban believes that he can energize voters in a similar way. He believes that people in the United States are fed up with career politicians and they want a change. Cuban said that the Democrats are just offering the same old recycled politicians like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden.

Cuban will have some issues that he will need to overcome if he is going to become president. He was accused of sexual misconduct. However, charges were never brought against him because the police were not able to get enough evidence. There have also been many sexual harassment cases in the offices of the Dallas Mavericks. The situation was so out of control that Cuban had to issue a public apology. He also donated $10 million to various charities that support women. If he runs for president, Cuban will need to explain how so many instances of sexual harassment were allowed to take place with him in charge.

Cuban made the bulk of his multi-billion dollar fortune by creating the website Having those financial resources at his disposal will give him a huge advantage that all of his competitors except Trump will not have. He would be able to buy as much advertising as he desired. Only time will tell if he will run.

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