Nick Vertucci Goes From Real Estate To The Poker Table

If you have ever invested in real estate or taken classes on it, you probably know about Nick Vertucci. This article explores a few key aspects of his life and how he got to where he is today, and you will soon see why so many people trust his tips and advice. In addition to skill and persistence, a refusal to give up contributed to the many victories he has achieved over his life.


You are going to take a look at his real estate career and the other things he used to escape from a bad situation in life. Nick Vertucci had a desire to start and run a successful business from a young age, and he faced several roadblocks along the way. Instead of throwing in the towel and walking away, he learned from each setback and used it to become even better at what he does.


Real Estate Investments


Vertucci began his business career selling computer parts from his home at the start of the dot-com boom, but his business quickly went under in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Shortly after his business failed, a friend recommended that Vertucci join him for a real estate investing class. The class set Vertucci on a path that changed his life, sparking a successful career flipping homes for massive profits. It did not take Vertucci long to realize he had found something that would let him escape from his situation and improve the lives of his family.


To get the most from his new venture, he spent a lot of time studying and learning as much as he could about real estate investing and related concepts. His efforts paid off and allowed him to become one of the most respected names in real estate, a title of which he is proud. Vertucci used his family and daughters as motivation to break past the barriers that tried to hold him back from reaching his full potential.


Giving Back to the Community


The humble beginnings of Vertucci gave him a great appreciation for the journey, and he is thrilled to be among the lucky ones who made it to the top. Vertucci’s friends saw how much money he was making and asked for tips and advice, and Vertucci was more than happy to lend a hand. As time went on, more and more people came to Vertucci to learn his real estate investing secrets. He could no longer help everyone who asked because he did not have enough time to do it, so he started teaching professional classes to real estate investors from all parts of the world.


Persistence and Determination


One of the things that Vertucci keeps bringing up is persistence. No matter where a person is in life or where they would like to go, persistence is the key to long-term success.


If you ever meet Nick Vertucci, he will probably tell you that persistence is more important than almost any other trait and that people must have enough confidence to reach their goals. Vertucci had many setbacks that would have compelled a lot of people to give up, but he kept fighting to reach his desired outcome. Combined with his talent and willingness to take calculated risks, Vertucci has achieved success in many areas of life and business.


Poker Days


Most people who know Vertucci think of his real estate success when hearing his name. Although flipping homes is how he earned most of his popularity, he is also a skilled poker player. He did much more than play a few games in the garage with his close friends. During the height of his poker career, Vertucci played at tournaments with some of the most respected names in poker, such as Phil Lakk, Antonio Esfandiari, David Benyamine and more.

Nick Vertucci at the Poker Table

Vertucci even played poker with some of the most well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry, including Jennifer Tilly and Ben Affleck. Some people might think poker and real estate don’t have much in common, but they are related in more ways than you might suspect. They both involve taking calculated risks for the chance at earning an impressive prize. With all things equal, poker has a high risk and high reward.


When you look at the life and journey of Vertucci, you will see that he never let a challenge or obstacle stand in his way. He always searched for a solution so that he could get his life back on track, and that is the No. 1 factor to which he owes his success. Those who take his class learn essential investing and real estate concepts, but Vertucci teaches much more than investing.


What sets him apart from other instructors is that Vertucci teaches his students the importance of confidence and refusing to give up on their vision. Vertucci his proud of what he has done and that he found a way to give his family a comfortable life. Rather than viewing success as the destination, Vertucci says success is a way of life and mindset you must have every day.

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