Trump Re-election Campaign Raises Over $88 Million In The Last 18 Months


Donald Trump doesn’t want to be a one-term president. In spite of his controversial presidential style, Mr. Trump has a loyal voter base who believes he is the man that can change the political game in Washington. Trump is using his “Art of the Deal” tactics to label America’s allies “foes.” And he’s reaching out to America’s enemies in order to shuffle the international deck. Mr. Trump believes he must show the world he is the ultimate trade and deal master. The recent tariffs imposed on U.S. allies is a way to let the world know he is stopping what he calls “unfair trade practices.” And while Mr. Trump flexes his tariff muscles, his campaign committee plus two committees formed by the Republican Party are making sure Trump has enough money to continue his form of Democracy through 2024.

Mr. Trump re-election campaign never stopped raising money to keep him in office. Fundraising for Donald Trump never stops, according to the Federal Election Commission. His campaign committee, plus two Republican committees are putting money in Trump’s re-election bank account at an unprecedented rate. The reason Trump re-election account is huge is he never shifted his political operation to the Republican national committee after the 2016 election. Former presidents wait until the midterm elections are over before they start another fundraising operation.

Mr. Trump’s re-election bank account grows by the day. According to the Federal Election Committee, Trump has $56 million in the bank. The campaign continues to launch an aggressive re-election campaign using $600,000 worth of hats, stickers, commemorative coins, and towels that have his “Make America Great Again” slogan all over them. Overall, the re-election committee spent more than $8 million in the second quarter of 2018 to rake in more than $17 million in donations. One of the largest donors in 2018 is real estate developer Stanley Chera. Chera has a partnership with Jared Kushner’s company. Chera is helping the Kushner family unload a Fifth Avenue building that Jared paid too much money for a couple of years ago.

There’s no doubt that the Republican Party is Trump’s party now, according to Washington insiders. The Republicans have to support Trump’s re-election even though there’s a strong chance the Mueller investigation will throw a monkey wrench into his plans, according to the Democrats. The Democrats need help to unseat Trump, and they think Mueller investigation will be the help they need.