How USHEALTH Advisors Helped Randy Hildebrandt Accomplish All of His Career Goals

Miracles happen every day in your life—but for some reason, people have it set into their minds that miracles only occur during the holiday season. Once you start to see and truly appreciate the things you take for granted, such as the gift of life and good health, your life—and your perspective on miracles—will almost certainly change. The inspiring , the person who influenced him the most, Nolan Ryan, and Randy’s role in USHEALTH Advisors.


The Pitcher, Nolan Ryan


Nolan was Randy’s idol. He was very successful as a pitcher—in fact, during his baseball career, no one made as much history as he did. Throughout his 13 years of playing Major League Baseball, he managed to make 5,714 strikeouts, making him the most successful pitcher in the league. Nolan used to play for the Astros and the Rangers, both teams from Texas, before retiring from baseball in 1993.  This success is what inspired Randy—he wanted to make history, just like his idol once did.


The Life of Randy Hildebrandt



Randy Hildebrandt is an American USHEALTH Advisors rep who was brought up in Texas. He went to Anderson Shiro, a local high school in his hometown. He was a very good high school baseball player—but unfortunately, in his final year of school, Ryan injured his shoulder. He had to stop pitching for a while after that. He later went to Blinn College but due to his injury, did not do so well as a baseball player.

When he could no longer play baseball, Randy decided to put his mind and energy into succeeding in other things. He decided to go back to school and study economics and business at A&M. Again, luck was not on his side, as he did not love what he was doing anymore. In fact, the only reason he chose business and economics is because graduates tend to get well-paying jobs. During college, he used to wait tables and bartend in order to save money. Although he managed to save over $2,000, he was still not sure what to do next. Before he could figure out what to do, an opportunity to sell insurance in Round Rock came up, and he took it.


Getting a Mentor


Since Randy still had the desire to succeed, he looked for a mentor to guide him in the right direction. All his mentor wanted was complete dedication into his mentorship for one year. His mentor promised to lead him into earning more than anyone else in his class.


Randy and USHEALTH Advisors


Randy had a friend named Kevin, whom he met while selling insurance. Kevin and his wife encouraged Randy to join USHEALTH Advisors. In 2012, Randy had a chat with the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, and he loved the idea of working at the company. Randy has nothing but praise for Troy, describing him as a caring, kind, and passionate guy. Troy has taught Randy that, to be successful, you have to be nice to clients and aspire to do good always.


About HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday)


Troy started HOPE back in 2010. Through HOPE, USHA (USHEALTH Advisors) has managed to better the lives of many under-privileged communities. Troy’s first achievement with HOPE was building houses for those whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. HOPE also made donations to Crisis Nursery, a non-profit organization that shelters children in the Phoenix area. The shelter was able to buy baby formula, clothes, shoes, and other necessities.


In 2012, HOPE donated $25,000, coming to the aid of families with cancer-stricken kids through an organization known as HOPEKids Arizona. HOPEKids opened another branch in Texas, where USHA donated an additional $45,000 through HOPE.


Since the launch of USHEALTH Advisors, the company has been dedicated to achieving their mission of HOPE. For them, the best way to live is by making the lives of others better.

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