US and Canada Trade Disputes

Ever since the Trump’s administration announced the imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, states have been responding differently. Many of the countries have been raising their concerns that Trump is bound to spark a trade war. For a standard solution, they have been asking Washington to change the new trade rules, failure to which, they will retaliate on US products. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was against these trade changes and the effects they would bring to the market relationships with other countries.

Both President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a discussion that turned out to be ineffective leading to Trump raining insults. This individual attack on Trudeau can be destructive to him domestically, economically and politically. The Canadian prime minister would be wedged on a peacemaking talk in the face of US intimidations on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in addition to further consensual trade cases.

President Trump’s attack on Trudeau through the social media (Tweeter) describes Trudeau as very dishonest and weak leader. Despite Trudeau’s renegotiation charm on the trade rules, the chances are that Canada won’t escape the tariffs in any way. In its response, Trudeau’s administrative centre expressed its concern revealing that nothing the prime minister said was new. However, despite the two leaders having joked and smirked during the meeting, President Trump insulted Trudeau.

In his statement on Sunday, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow also rebuked Canada. In what he refers to as a stab in the back, he is irked on Canada being against the United States’ trade rules. Since Trump took office, the two leaders have been having friendly meetings and phone calls. However, the policies of these two leaders are almost alike. According to CNBC, Trudeau is a reformist open-minded, opinionated on women’s lib as well as the virtues of diversity. He is referred to an individual who was close to former president Barack Obama.

Republican Senator John McCain tweeted his concerns expressing his zeal to stand by the ‘old trade rules’. This was after Trump’s meeting on Saturday. Roland Paris, Trudeau’s ex-foreign policy counsellor, expressed his disgust on president Trump’s social media attack. Trade experts are watching Trump negotiate using threatening words. Foreign policy specialists have said that the president’s tweets exceed his policy’s bite. However, Canada may have a hard time responding to Trump’s last tweet. Trudeau’s efforts may fail to gain support among US politicians and business leaders. The effects may be felt if it finally spurs support from corporate groups or the US Congress. Also, Republicans fear the disagreements might affect the November elections.

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