President Trump’s Filing System Is More About Tearing Up And Throwing Documents Away Than Preserving Them

President Trump is not an ordinary president. In just eighteen months in office, Mr. Trump is stepping on toes and throwing shade at world leaders like a Real Housewife on Bravo TV. Trump is not afraid to cross the line of correct political behavior in order to keep his own political party, and the Democrat’s guessing about his next move. His latest fiasco at the G-7 Summit in Canada will go down in history as the meeting that started an international trade war. America’s allies are sick of Trump’s nationalistic foreign policy agenda.

Trump’s agenda is all about saying one thing and then doing another just to keep people guessing. But what most people don’t know about the Celebrity Apprentice president is he tears up important papers and documents. Instead of filing official documents and letters, Trump rips them up and throws them away.

But the staffers who handle important records pull those pieces of important documents out of the trash and piece them back together using scotch tape. Staffers want to make sure the administration doesn’t violate the rules when it comes to preserving presidential records. Some of the people who sit for hours piecing documents together are making more than $60,000 a year, according to two staffers. Those staffers feel undervalued as they clean up another Trumpian mess.

Two of the staffers who were part of the scotch taping brigade were let go without warning after years of government service. Those staffers say all official documents, letters, memos, and other papers should go to the National Archives, according to the Presidential Records Act. But Trump seems to think he has the right to tear up papers regardless of their content. Mr. Trump continued to destroy paperwork. It’s part of the Trump mystique to go against the norm, according to an article in The Hill.

Donald Trump is an unorthodox president who thinks he has the right to handle paperwork the way he did in the private sector. And that thought process is creating serious administrative issues. It seems staffers have to clean up after Trump because he believes his filing system is more cost-effective and efficient. Mr. Trump’s opponents say he is trying to destroy documents that could cause him trouble in the political arena. But Trump says his filing system is a “10” and it makes sense because it will help America become great again.

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