Roy Moore Files Suit Saying Women Were Part of Conspiracy

Roy Moore made his first public appearance since the December election night in which he lost his bid for Senator from the state of Alabama. Just prior to a Monday news conference, Moore announced that he had filed a lawsuit against the three women who accused him of sexual assault prior to the election night. Moore filed the grievance jointly with his wife, Kayla, claiming that the women were part of a conspiracy designed to bring him down and cause him to lose the special Senate election for a coveted seat in the United States Senate. Moore was defeated by Democrat Doug Jones in a shocking upset that sent shockwaves across many red state communities.

The lawsuit is demanding compensatory damages from all of the defendants, as well as punitive damages to account for the wrongful acts. There are three women named in the suit. In addition to these women, Richard Hagedorn and Debbie Wesson Gibson were also cited in the complaint for their role in promoting lies through their influential social media posts.

Moore is represented by attorney Melissa Isaak. Isaak claims that all of the defendants have known ties to each other, as well as other members of the Democratic party. Citing these ties, Isaak claims that this was all part of a vast conspiracy that played into the hands of the liberal media, eager to villanize Moore and help Jones slide into the upset victory. In addition to losing the Senate seat, Moore and his family say that the conspiracy has caused them great emotional distress and sent their finances into havoc. The damage caused to the reputation of Moore’s wife was also listed in the suit. Moore has not yet officially conceded the Alabama Senate race, out of principle. On the flip side, the defendants listed in Moore’s lawsuit continue to stand by their allegations.

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