Is President Trump Pushing China And Russia Away Or Is He Building His Business Brand In Those Countries

President Trump has a massive and mysterious business empire. When he became president, he gave control of his famous brand to his two oldest sons. But his daughter Ivanka is still making deals with other countries while she represents the people of the United States, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Ivanka got the Chinese to grant her several trademarks while she was on official business, and the watchdog groups in Washington are not happy about her blatant disregard for keeping her business dealings separate from her political agenda.

But watchdog groups in Washington are claiming president Trump may be doing the same thing. Trump is doing some pretty strange things when it comes to dealing with China and Russia. Trump claims to be tough on China, but he recently said he would help the giant Chinese telecommunications company ZTE get out of the financial trouble due to American sanctions. ZTE likes to steal American intellectual property, and they steal a lot of it. Helping ZTE will hurt American businesses, according to the ethical and corruption watchdog groups in Washington.

President Trump says he tough, but he handles Chinese and Russian issues with kid gloves. Trump threatens tariffs against Chinese good one week, and the next week he wants to bail out a Chinese company that is hurting American business ventures.

China is not the only country that Trump likes to talk about in unflattering terms but quietly helps in other ways. Russia is another country Trump wants to throw under his economic and political bus, but he never does anything but talk about Russia’s behavior on the world’s stage. Trump seems to have a hidden agenda when it comes to China and Russia, and many Democratic lawmakers say that agenda is all about setting up business deals in those countries. China and Russia know Mr. Trump is a businessman first and a president second. And that is a dangerous combination in a president, according to the watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

It’s hard to prove Mr. Trump is still putting his personal interest above his ethical duties as president. But there is a lot of talk about his inability to get tough on China and Russia. Some people say Trump has a secret bromance with Putin, and other people say Putin has some dirt on Trump. Those people also say Trump is soft on China because he knows China will be the largest consumer-driven economy in the world in ten years, and he wants his brand to be part of that economy.

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