Trump Edges Closer to Firing Rosenstein

On the heels of Monday’s FBI decision to raid the office of Michael Cohen, United States President Donald Trump is considering a variety of options to stem the tide. As Trump’s lawyer and longtime personal confidant, Cohen’s connection to Trump is seen by many officials to be deep and telling. Officials claim that Trump is considering firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as well as his personal friend Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Either of these moves would likely be viewed as an attempt to limit the prosecuting power of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump is growing increasingly frustrated with top Department of Justice officials for not offering him enough protection from Mueller’s investigation. Some officials believe that Monday’s raid and the intense negative media attention it has garnered is putting Trump closer to taking drastic action against the Department of Justice in an effort to divert attention. It would appear that Trumps is receiving conflicting advice from his team of lawyers, with some members of his legal team advising him to fire Rosenstein while others are cautioning the President to proceed with care.

On Tuesday, Trump’s office announced that he is canceling his planned trip to South American previously scheduled for a Friday departure. Instead, Vice-President Mike Pence will go in Trump’s place, so that the President can remain in Washington to deal with the potential aftermath of the raid and future developments with the ongoing crisis in Syria.

According to Department of Justice regulations, Rosenstein is the only official with the power to fire Mueller. However, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has stated on record that Trump believes that he also has the power to do so. Meanwhile, Democratic officials are actively preparing for the possibility of Mueller’s firing. Led by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), party members met on Tuesday to discuss the hypothetical terminations of either Rosenstein and/or Mueller and the ramifications of such events.

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