EPA’s Pruitt Proven To Excessively Spend Tax Dollars On Unnecessary Security Details

For good reason, high-ranking members of federal agencies within the governmental echelons of the United States of America. The chief of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – a federal bureau with the goal of safeguarding the health of humans living both within the country’s borders and across the globe, its constituents collectively trying to meet that goal by penning and enforcing regulations that the United States House of Representatives and Senate signs into law – is one of these aforementioned high-ranking members, requiring a substantial bit of security himself.

Scott Pruitt is under fire as of recent because he demanded his security team look after his personal safety to an excessive degree. It’s been proven that those officers and agents that took care of Pruitt – even when no dangers were likely to occur – were ordered to work more than 40 hours per week on a consistent basis, causing the bills for such security details to go shoot through the proverbial roof. Pruitt even commanded those agents to protect himself instead of chasing down current objectives regarding the investigation of potential crimes against the United States and global environment.

Budgeting is a major activity in the federal government. The process, on its most basic level, usually works like this: if, for example, an agency called the ABC spent an average of $20 on cooking breakfast each morning for its staff, the yearly total would come out to $7,300.

Whenever the agency or congresspeople responsible for overseeing the budget would review what the ABC spent last year on, for example, its breakfast expenditures – assuming that the leader of the ABC was required to be fed by the agency itself, rather than paying for his own meals – seeing that it spent all of $7,300. If the past five years’ breakfast expenditures averaged $7,300 per year, as well, those persons responsible for budgeting would allot $7,300 for upcoming years for preparing breakfast.

With that in mind, when comparing the Environmental Protection Agency’s previous head’s spending on his security detail – another word for security team and all costs associated with everything related to doing a proper job in guarding the client in question – Scott Pruitt’s expenditures were roughly three times larger than the previous head of the EPA.

Scott Pruitt has been guarded by a team chock-full of security guards, with up to twenty members per team!

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