The Chainsmokers Drop Official Remixes for “You Owe Me”

The Chainsmokers, Made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, Drop Official Remixes for "You Owe Me"

Many musicians, singers, EDM DJs, and producers of various fame levels have benefited from having The Chainsmokers co-sign their work with collaborative stamps of approval. Being willing to share the glow of the spotlight with up-and-coming sound creators, as well as highly established ones, has extended the audience growth of everyone involved. Now, The Chainsmokers are continuing their legacy of sharing by releasing five official remixes for their latest track “You Owe Me.” Enjoy the sounds of the song revamped by the likes of Whyel, Nonsens, Subfer, Inverness, and Magnace. In celebration of this wave of music releases, let’s dig deeper into the five new, exciting versions of “You Owe Me.”

“You don’t know me

Don’t you think that I get lonely?

It gets dark inside my head

Check my pulse, and if I’m dead, you owe me”

These lyrics, sung by Drew Taggart, address the pain of loneliness, negative gossip, and frustration that the group has faced and that many of their audience members can identify with. The original version of “You Owe Me,” produced by Shaun Frank and The Chainsmokers, has subtle horns that build up to a synthesizer crescendo during the last third of the song. “You Owe Me” continues to follow the direction that the previous song “Sick Boy” has gone in. The Chainsmokers’ brand of electronic dance music is evolving into a contagious concoction of darker introspective topics and a pop-rock sound. With the remix pack, “You Owe Me” gets the chance to embrace its mature original sound and flirt with the group’s EDM roots and experiment with a wide audio range at the hands of hot producers and DJs.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart Know the Importance of Collaboration for All Artists Involved

First up is “You Owe Me – Whyel Remix,” which has the longest running time of the five at 4:16 minutes, compared to the original’s 3:10 minute running time. Whyel is a Los Angeles musician operating in the same neck of the woods as The Chainsmokers but with a very different style. Take a trot around the SoundCloud page of Whyel and you will discover an extensive collection of cutting edge remixes for an incredible list of interesting artists. Whyel has poured his pop-punk punches into tracks for Marshmello, DJ Snake, and Dillon Francis. His version of “You Owe Me” expands on the rock elements that the original delved into, spicing them up with harder, more aggressive guitar licks that drive up the adrenaline level to get your heartbeat racing and body raging. Whyel has this Chainsmoker track sounding like a super catchy 1990s rock banger that would have owned MTV’s daily music video rotation.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart Embrace Collaboration

Track two in the batch is “You Owe Me – Nonsens Remix,” which goes full fledge into the electronic realm, electrocuting ears with an awesome charge of explosive synths and drums. Drew Taggart’s voice gets elevated up to maximum chipmunk level. Nonsens is a three-man Danish electronic clique that has garnered large respect and support from M.I.A., Diplo, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Randy Jackson, and RL Grime. They have even experienced the pleasure of hitting Number 13 on the Billboard Dance Chart with their song “Gungla” off of Diplo’s Mad Decent label’s “A Very Decent Christmas” album. Nonsens transforms “You Owe Me” into the ultimate soundtrack for a rave party in a futuristic virtual reality science fiction movie. After listening to this up-tempo thumper, you will feel like The Chainsmokers and Nonsens have just taken you time-traveling into a neon world that you were more than willing to stay up all night for.

Still from the "You Owe Me" Video with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart

The third song is “You Owe Me – Subfer Remix,” a more somber approach that captures the emotion that The Chainsmokers were heading towards, with ice-cold chilling synths striking through pianos and an airy atmospheric soundscape. Subfer hails from San Diego, California, and is a fusion of future bass and dubstep in his stylish aesthetics, performing with the likes of Luca Lush, Ekali, and Krewella. The Subfer remixes, original songs, and Live Edit uploads to SoundCloud showcase how and why this thriving audio operator is expanding into live shows, performances, and the festival circuit. Landing this “You Owe Me” definitely positions Subfer at an even higher frequency of credibility and recognition.

The fourth track is “You Owe Me – inverness Remix,” which offers hand clap high hats to match the strong drums, majestic moaning in the background, and Drew’s voice cutting through a lush supply of moody keyboard vibes. Spelled with a lowercase “i” on purpose, inverness is still talented with a capital “T.” He bounces between New York City, the birthplace of The Chainsmokers member Alex Pall, and Honolulu, Hawaii. But inverness originally hails from the village that his name comes from—Inverness, Illinois. You can peep some inverness remixes of tracks by RL Grime, Timbaland, Lauv, Olivia, Justin Bieber + Travis Atreo, and RKCB.

The fifth and final revamp is “You Owe Me – Magnace Remix.” Magnace brings some extra 1980s awesome nostalgia to his approach to The Chainsmokers. Brace yourself for the huge, exciting, synthy chorus that feels like a mega head rush combination of a popsicle brain freeze and that moment when every whiskey shot you force-fed yourself takes control of you all at once. Magnace is currently affiliated with the melodic tastemakers over at Aux London, Steve Void’s Strange Fruits music label, Suprmode artist management and booking agency, and Trap Nation, who are known for their Spotify playlists. Magnace is a producer that has put his particular polish on tracks such as David Guetta’s “2U,” DJ Snake’s “A Different Way,” and BOXINBOX & LIONSIZE’s “Abroad.” He also has some pretty popular singles of his own in the form of “Do You” and “Her Name” with Luxlyfe and Andy Marsh.

The five remixes are all available for you to listen to on The Chainsmokers’ official YouTube channel and on Spotify. The range of styles means that you’re likely to find at least one of these to fit your musical appetite and end up adding it to your own library. So go ahead and take a listen.

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