Dr. Dov Rand: Introducing Integrated Therapies for Aging

Dr. Dov Rand and His Anti Aging Therapies

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist in anti-aging treatments that go beyond the traditional approaches used by most medical practitioners. He treats the body’s symptoms at the root level and uses a combination approach to support lasting changes that improve the quality of life for people suffering from a variety of disorders. He has experience developing innovative hormone treatments for age-related disorders like erectile dysfunction, menopause, weight gain and traumatic brain injury. He uses an integrated method of care that treats the patient on all levels. This includes dietary changes that support hormone therapy protocols. He also developed a system of using physical therapy to support the benefits that are gained by restoring the natural hormonal levels to the body. His approach is well-researched, and he uses the methods that have passed a rigorous peer-review process. Patients who experience hopelessness, depression, and anxiety about their condition can now benefit from the latest treatments, which are offered at a facility founded by Dr. Dov Rand (Doximity).


Combining Therapeutic Approaches, Testing


Tests are essential for gaining accurate information about the individual patient. This can include blood work that provides specific information about the current condition of the patient. It can also include tests for mineral or vitamin deficiencies. These are contributing factors to any symptoms experienced by aging patients. By gaining the information about the current condition of the patient, Dr. Rand can design an effective treatment program that integrates the most critical therapies into a powerful program for lasting change. The results can transform the patient’s life, and they often report experiencing a new sense of optimism after completing the protocols. The patients often refer to the changes in their lives in specific terms. Grand-parents enjoy having more energy and concentration when spending time with their grand-children, for example. Once the person understands how to read and follow the road-map to health, they often experience a sense of hope and personal agency for the first time in many years.


The combination of diet, exercise and hormone therapy is more powerful than any one of these beneficial changes on its own. Correcting nutritional deficiencies is essential to the overall wellness of the patient. It also provides the basis for any long-term health benefits. Food allergies are also part of the testing program. Some patients may be allergic to certain foods without knowing that this food allergy even exists. The food might even be enjoyable, and this can cause some psychological discomfort when the person realizes that it is necessary to change some eating habits. Dr. Rand’s comprehensive approach accounts for the emotional needs of the patient, and these dietary changes can be successful when the necessary tools become available.


Treating Anti-Aging, Erectile Dysfunction Disorder


Aging can change the human body in a variety of ways. Dr. Rand explains that the normal hormone levels experienced in youth will often drop dramatically as the person begins to age. Restoring these hormone levels to the previous amount can provide the body with the resources that it needs to fight off diseases and recover from stress. Cortisol and lactic acid can both contribute to inflammatory conditions. Once inflammation is present, any existing injuries tend to become more intense. For example, a patient suffering from weight gain, fatigue and depression will tend to suffer the effects of these symptoms to a much greater extent if the inflammatory response to unusually high levels of exercise is not addressed. This creates a vicious cycle because exercise is also necessary for optimal health at any age. Dr. Rand understands this complex situation and developed age-related physical therapy protocols to support the benefits that come with appropriate dietary and hormonal changes.


Erectile dysfunction disorder affects many men who are entering their golden years of life. This particular change in the body can create a sense of anxiety and even depression. Treatments for these patients must be integrated in order to address all of the levels of the human being. This includes the emotional condition of the patient as well as the physical aspect of their hormone-replacement therapies. Once the hormone levels reach their optimal level, Dr. Rand addresses the issue of muscle tone and maintaining the optimal weight levels. Weight gain often accompanies erectile dysfunction disorder, and managing this condition can require an entire system of support until the new diet and exercise recommendations become habitual. This is one of the key benefits of receiving treatment from the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The improvement in the overall energy levels means that the physical therapy exercise can be performed with more accuracy. This reduces the amount of energy the body requires to maintain posture and movement. As a result, sleep cycles return to normal, and the patient will experience higher levels of energy in their daily life. This creates an optimistic outlook on daily life, and Dr. Rand is thrilled to see it every single time.


Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, Dr. Dov Rand


Dr. Dov Rand is the founder and acting president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is a leading center for the treatment of age-related disorder. He was educated at the Howard University College of Medicine, and is licensed to practice. He is currently affiliated with the Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains. His work includes maintaining a social media presence designed to educate the public about the benefits of these peer-reviewed treatment protocols. His is committed to the development of effective hormone therapies to treat the symptoms and diseases associated with aging. This includes tracking the progress made by patients in a manner consistent with current methodologies on documentation. These integrated treatment protocols provide hope to patients who have tried other therapies without success in the past. Learning new dietary and exercise habits can be a major challenge for patients who are experiencing age-related problems for the first time. The overwhelming aspect of the problem can create anxiety and exacerbate depression. Dr. Rand understands how the cycle works, so he developed an effective method of reversing it.

More about Dr. Dov Rand at https://twitter.com/dr_johanan_rand

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