As North Korea Remains Silent, Washington Begins Preparations for the Summit in Pyongyang

Officials in Washington are preparing to turn the surprise decision by President Trump to meet Kim Jong Un into a reality. The officials have a limited time to make preparations for a high-stakes summit. They also have to fight the odds of inadequate staffing at the US State Department and an unpredictable commander-in-chief who may not stick to the pre-determined script. One of the senior officials inside the White House has said that a meeting will be convened at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to deliberate on the preparations of the meeting between the two leaders.

Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, has said that he will cut short his tour to the African continent so that he can concentrate on the recent developments concerning the high profile summit. The State Department Secretary together with other senior officials in the administration has taken on reaching the allies of the United States around the world and legislators in the halls of Washington. The spokesperson for the White House, Sarah Sanders, has said that the Trump administration is making preparations for some levels. She said that the preparations were a multi-agency effort but refused to give any further details.

Foreign diplomats are making haste moves as well. The foreign ministers from both Japan and South Korea have said that they are planning to travel to Washington to meet Tillerson on Friday for more consultations. However, the regime in Pyongyang has remained silent even as the entire world reacts to the impromptu announcement by President Donald Trump. The regime has not yet given any response to the announcement that was made by the leader of the free world on Friday. Cabinet officials in the United States are moving to urge patience from world leaders and American citizens while at the same time calming the expectations.

Foreign relations analysts have said that if the meeting between the two leaders goes awry, the stakes are too high. This is indeed catastrophic if Pyongyang responds by resuming its nuclear weapons program and tests. Experts have reiterated that President trump is set to be a wild card both during the high-profile summit and after the summit if things go in a way that was not expected. The President of Longview Global, DJ Peterson, has alluded that the most significant risk about the summit is not posed by Pyongyang but by the President of the United States. Secretary Tillerson is already making attempts at minimizing any potential miscommunications, miscues or missteps.

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