A Washington D.C. Lawmaker Apologizes For Promoting A Climate Conspiracy Theory

The weather is making a lot of people nervous. The Eastern part of the United States is having a relentless and damaging winter. And the people in Texas are getting more than their fair share of storms. The drought in the West seems to be over, but the West Coast is getting hit with a lot of rain and unusual weather patterns. Weather patterns are changing, and some people believe there is human activity behind these violent weather patterns. In fact, Democratic Councilman Trayon White Sr. thinks Jewish financiers are behind the change in the weather. White posted a video of the snowfall in Washington D.C. recently, and according to him, all the snow was the work of the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family is a legendary group of financiers.

White went on to say the climate is being manipulated by the Rothschild family for financial gain. There is a weather conspiracy theory floating through some segments of society and White threw fuel on that conspiracy fire with his video comments. When the councilman started to get feedback for his video post, he knew he went over the imaginary line that separates forward-thinking politicians from the politicians that live in the age of lies, backstabbing, and ridiculous comments.

One rabbi said the councilman’s comments add more credibility to the growing intolerant environment in America. White didn’t think he was going to be front and center in a long-standing battle between the Jewish community and the anti-Semitism that continues to be a thorn in the side of their American freedom.

Councilman White apologized for inserting both feet in his mouth, but his insensitive and outlandish thoughts about the nature of climate change, and what is causing it, will haunt him in his political career. The best thing White can do is quietly slide back under that non-relevant rock that politicians seek to hide under after they make thoughtless comments. Those comments create unnecessary firestorms for Democrats. The Democrats are in a rebuilding phase, but the party seems to take one step forward and three steps back when Democratic representatives open their mouths in public. It seems some Democratic politicians want to go down the same political road as Hillary Clinton. That political road leads to nowhere, according to the Democrats who are revamping the party.

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