5 Ways to Incorporate Color into Your Kitchen with Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry: 5 Color Options

Modern kitchen remodels usually focus on an all-white color scheme: from white flooring to white countertops to white cabinetry. The days of having floor to ceiling retro green, orange, and browns kitchen colors, along with coordinating dated wallpaper, are in the past. However, there is a way to add color to a kitchen without having it become an eyesore. Incorporating touches of color can draw attention and add depth and interest to any kitchen remodel. Check out these 5 ways that you can add color to your kitchen:



Whether good or bad, cabinets are usually the first thing that will be noticed in a kitchen. Cabinets compose about 60% of every kitchen so choosing colored cabinetry will definitely draw attention. When remodeling your kitchen, consider adding cabinets in a color that will match your kitchen style. Adding color can be as dramatic as bright red, like this Siteline Cabinetry option, or as subdued as a dark charcoal gray. Either one will instantly depth to a kitchen and help to tie in the overall feeling that you are trying to create. Metal cabinet door inserts are another option and come in a variety of unique colors.


Again, don’t assume that all color has to be bright and overpowering: there is a lot that you can do with a muted color that will add a ton of beauty to a space. If you feel a little overwhelmed with the idea of all of your cabinets being the same color, consider choosing a neutral color for your top cabinets and a brighter color for the bottom cabinets. This new trend is becoming popular as homeowners want to incorporate color but don’t necessarily want to commit to it being all over the kitchen. A well placed colored bottom cabinet can create more drama and appeal in a kitchen remodel and can help to ground the overall look of the color scheme.



You may remember the avocado green oven or the mustard yellow refrigerator that held your favorite snacks in your grandmother’s kitchen. Colored appliances are a trend that seems to have come back into popularity in recent years. Stainless steel is still a very popular pick for many homeowners but don’t be afraid to look into getting an appliance in a color that will match your kitchen remodel. Most colored appliances on the market are ranges and ovens that can be ordered in a variety of colors. Installing a large colored appliance creates an instant focus of color that draws attention to the heart of the kitchen. Refrigerators are also seeing some color options trending this year although they aren’t as prevalent as colored ovens. If you are going to be replacing your appliances consider looking at a colored version to help create an updated new look.



Adding beautiful hardware to your Siteline Cabinets can quickly add interest to any kitchen remodel. If you chose white cabinetry, but still want to add some color to your cabinets, choosing hardware with a splash of color will help to brighten your kitchen. There are thousands of hardware options available: from standard iron pulls to painted knobs to colored glass. Adding hardware that is slightly colored is a good starting point for those who are a bit tentative about adding a huge dose of color to a kitchen cabinetry. Choosing a touch of colored hardware actually goes a long way in a kitchen due to the many different pulls and handles that a kitchen remodel requires. Colored hardware will make a great impact on the total look of the kitchen even if this is the only area of your kitchen where you feel comfortable adding color.



Incorporating a colored backsplash behind a sink or range can add a dose of beautiful color to a kitchen remodel. Backsplashes can be easily forgotten and go unnoticed if done in a neutral color so consider adding tile that has a slight hint of color to add appeal to your kitchen. Even a small amount of color in a tile backsplash will help pull together the overall look of a kitchen due to the large amount of tile that is usually needed. Tiles can also incorporate small details of color in different patterns that will catch your eye if you don’t want to choose one with a solid color.

If you have chosen another area of color in your kitchen, like a colored oven, consider choosing a colored tile in the same color family that will complement the other colors chosen. Check with your designer and make sure that you choose a backsplash color that will enhance, not compete with, the overall design of your kitchen.



If you are still unsure about adding color to your kitchen remodel, consider adding small accents of color to help brighten the total area. Choosing a navy blue utensil holder or a set of mustard yellow glass jars can help to draw attention to a neutral kitchen. Placing a colored vase on the counter and purchasing new kitchen towels that will match the other accents will create a level of interest on a smaller scale. The great thing about adding colored accents is that you can easily change the colors based on the season, or if you want to try something different, without it becoming too costly.


Kitchens are the heart of the home and a kitchen remodel should reflect your own personal style. Consider choosing beautiful colored Siteline Cabinetry or a large appliance to heighten the entire look of your kitchen. If you don’t want to commit to a large dose of color, choose smaller items like hardware, backsplashes, or accents that will bring life to your kitchen remodel. Adding color into your remodel, whether big or small, is sure to bring beauty to new kitchen.

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