Trump Apparently More Willing Hear Arguments For Gun Control

While the country continues to mourn untimely demise of the 17 students as a result of a mass shooting at a high school located in Parkland, Florida, United States President Donald Trump seems much more open to revamping the system of federal background checks for individuals making gun purchases.

In a prepared statement read by Raj Shah, Press Secretary for the Trump administration, media outlets learned that the president had spoken with Republican Senator John Conyers of Texas regarding a bill that he, along with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut introduced that would improve the way both local and federal governments reported offenses that would prevent individuals from purchasing guns.

Trump, who has been vocal about his pro-gun stance has been adamant in his support for the National Rifle Association throughout his short political career. The White house noticeably did not give much of a push from the bill Conyers and Murphy when the two Senators first made their proposal.

So far as president, Trump’s only activity as president when it comes to gun control has been to undo restrictions that had been placed on individuals with certain mental illnesses that were seeking to purchases firearms. The regulation worked by requiring the Social Security Administration to provide information pertaining to individuals suffering from mental illnesses.

The president made himself available for conversation and listened to a vast assortment of opinions on the issue of gun control over the weekend. In a show of respect for the families of victims of the shooting massacre, Trump skipped a scheduled golf outing that would have taken place less than 50 miles from a victim’s funeral.

While attending a dinner Saturday night in Mar-a-Lago the president spoke to television personality Geraldo Rivera regarding the matter. Rivera suggested to the president that raising the minimum age to acquire military-style weapons from 18 to 21 may provide some preventative measure for preventing similar shootings from happening in the future.

Rivera’s views were countered at the dinner by the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. The younger Donald is a gun enthusiast and joined his father at a conference that took place in Atlanta in support of the NRA. It is reported that both Rivera and Trump Jr. took part in a heated discussion that also included Eric Trump.

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