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Siteline Cabinetry Custom Home Cabinets

Cabinetry is the cornerstone of a modern kitchen. Regardless of a home’s style or size, designers are always tasked with integrating cabinets that keep up with contemporary trends while offering exceptional functionality. Customization is a significant factor when designing cabinets since unique homes require specific cabinet dimensions and styles. Custom cabinetry is prohibitively expensive for most new homes, but prefabricated cabinets offer designers limited flexibility. The Corsi Group, therefore, has leveraged a combination of modern engineering and proprietary enterprise resource planning software to introduce a revolutionary line of cabinets that gives designers the benefits of prefabricated products without sacrificing customizability.

The Designer’s Dilemma

The Internet has facilitated the introduction of new paradigms for interior designers. Retail design software now enables custom designs to be drafted with ease, but the material, labor, and shipping costs associated with building custom cabinets remain the same. Additionally, the Internet has led to the development of thousands of e-commerce stores offering a wide selection prefabricated products, but these cabinets almost never conform to the exact specifications of a custom kitchen design. Some cabinet manufacturers have tried to help designers overcome the dilemma they face when planning a kitchen by offering three-dimensional models of their products, but this concept still requires designers to conform to rigid specifications. In the modern world, therefore, high demand exists for cabinet manufacturers who can build prefabricated cabinets that can be customized at minimal cost.

The Siteline Cabinetry Solution

Pat Corsi recognized from the designers his company worked with that modern technology had created an extraordinary need for customizable cabinets. Siteline cabinetry was, thus, introduced with the goal of leveraging a cabinet manufacturing facility capable of meeting the needs of designers while saving money for the final customer. The Corsi Group purchased a new facility in Keysville, Va., and worked closely with engineers to acquire equipment that would enable customization within the limits of what designers demanded. To help Siteline cabinetry add maximum value for designers, the Corsi Group also built two ERP systems to streamline the ordering process for customers.

An Offering Designed for the Customer

The Corsi Group recognized the vital importance of the Internet for facilitating effective communication with designers. The product development process started by building an excellent website that aims to help both designers and the final customer to make the right decisions when purchasing cabinets. Additionally, the website was integrated with the company’s ERP systems so that orders can be placed and tracked in real time. The product mix was optimized to balance a designer’s need for customization with a homeowner’s need to maximize value. Siteline cabinetry also decided to improve specialization by focusing exclusively on customers who understand effective kitchen design, such as architects, home builders, and showroom dealers.

Built from Years of Experience

The success of Siteline cabinetry in the marketplace was facilitated by insights the Corsi Group gained over 45 years in business. Pat Corsi started his company by leveraging the knowledge he gained by working for another cabinet manufacturer, and he built on what he knew through meticulous market analysis and a close relationship with his customers. In addition to the facility the Corsi Group built in Virginia for Siteline cabinetry, the company also has operations in West Virginia and Indianapolis. The experience gained from running Corsi Group’s existing facilities enabled Pat Corsi and his team to develop a unique offering that helps to add value for a unique niche of customers.

Corsi Group’s Passion for Innovation

Since the cabinet manufacturing industry is highly fragmented, the Corsi Group recognizes that innovation is critical for helping customers solve problems. The facility designed for Siteline cabinetry uses the latest technology to achieve truly lean manufacturing. An ERP system was developed for the manufacturing facility to ensure lead times of just four weeks after a customer places an order. Siteline cabinetry relies on sophisticated financial information to bring down overhead costs and facilitate faster responsiveness. To ensure maximum scalability as customer needs change over time, Siteline cabinetry also purchased machines that have the potential to serve multiple purposes in the manufacturing process.

Equipment for Adding Value

In addition to innovation, the Corsi Group believes that an optimized mix of equipment helps to add value in ways that few competitors can match. The Siteline cabinetry facility can process solid hardwoods, particleboard, plywood, reconstituted veneers, 3DL, and other materials used for modern cabinets. The plant has a CNC router to cut intricate designs with full customization, and the facility even has a wide range of modern sanders that are used to give cabinets precise edges that conform to custom designs. Siteline cabinetry also makes use of an industrial finishing line for enamels, paints, and clear coats. With an extensive range of equipment available, the Corsi Group can manufacture cabinets built for unique use cases while still relying on prefabricated components.

A Facility Built for Excellence

Overall, the facility that was built for Siteline cabinetry is ideal for meeting the objectives of both designers and homeowners. The equipment that Siteline uses helps to ensure optimal cabinet quality and longevity. Customers can use the ERP system to manage their orders throughout the fulfillment process so that decisions can be made using real-time information. Siteline’s facility is also in an ideal location for attracting talent since people visit the company’s facility every day looking for work. The combination of excellent quality, engineering, and talent yields exceptional cabinet products for customers who demand customizability without exceeding their project’s budget.

Growth Ahead

Siteline cabinetry’s manufacturing facility has been continuously improved since it was launched in 2015. The original facility had 50,000 square feet, but an additional 47,000 square feet of floor space was added to make room for additional equipment. Siteline cabinetry plans to grow its business in the years ahead, so a facility with room for additional expansion was chosen by Pat Corsi and his team. The company plans to expand operations in a controlled manner so that every opportunity for improvement can be seized along the way. Overall, Siteline is helping to revolutionize the cabinet manufacturing industry through the effective application of new technology.

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