At Least Three Republican Senators Didn’t Go To Washington To Hurt Anyone

Most Americans are feeling the tension in Washington. It’s hard not to question the intentions and the intelligence of the U.S. governing group. The Republicans are in over their heads, and the Democrats are filling the swamp with more bilge water in order to create a Republican breakdown. And that breakdown becomes more apparent every day.

President Trump does not have the full support of the Republican Party, and that situation will haunt him for the next four years. But it’s not just the lack of support that is haunting the president. The Russian mess will not go away. Jeff Sessions is up to his red eyeballs in lies. And when investigators find the Trump’s business dirt hidden in the hotels and other properties, Trump has all over the world, he may crumble under the political strain.

But the danger that’s lurking in the Senate may be the next crisis. Three Republican Senators, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Shelley Moore Capito, are in a position to shake up the Republican Party. All three Senators would not sign the Republican Senate health bill. And there are other Republican Bill’s in the works that may not get their approval either.

As strange as it sounds, those three Republicans could leave the Party, and become independents. If that happens, the Democrats are back in the political ball game. Suddenly the Capitol Hill playing field will be as level as it can get. The radical right-wing group is not happy with that trio, and that means they will feel a lot of cold shoulders in the Senate.

All three Senators have great support from their states. Capito is from West Virginia, Collins is from Maine and Murkowski is from Alaska. Being an independent in those states is not a political death sentence.

It’s no secret. Republicans are at their breaking point with Trump, and it’s not just these three Senators who have the fortitude and courage to fight back under Trump fire. Other Republican Senators are getting very nervous, because, according to some political analysts, Trump could pardon members of his cabinet and members of his family. He could even pardon himself, but if that happens, an island somewhere in the South Pacific better be in Trump’s real estate portfolio.

It’s busy as usual in the White House and on the Hill. The left political hand has no idea what the right political hand is doing, and that’s pretty sad.

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