The White House Set To Ask the US Supreme Court to Make a Ruling on DACA before Making Appeals


On Tuesday, the Trump administration gave out a statement to newsrooms that it would rush to the United States Supreme Court within the next week after skipping an appeals court for the federal government. The administration said that it would take the move hoping that the Supreme Court would take quick action and give a ruling on whether the DACA program would be shut down or not. One of the publishers for SCOTUSblog website, Tom Goldstein alluded that that was a request that was very unusual and that the chances that the wish of the administration was almost impossible since the Supreme Court gave such go-ahead once in a blue moon.

Mr. Goldstein said that by the US government going to the US Supreme court to make such a request indicated that they are taking the DACA issue extremely seriously and have the school of thought that the Supreme Court judges should also hasten the ruling. On January 9 this year, a federal judge gave out a ruling that the government could not terminate the Program as scheduled on March 6. DACA, which is an abbreviation for deferred action against childhood arrivals allows immigrants who are undocumented and who came to the United States illegally as children to continue living, studying and living in America.

DACA also gives registered members immunity against deportation to the countries from where they were born. Federal Judge William Alsup gave a ruling that the US Attorney General Conclusions that DACA was instituted without the requisite legal authority was unlawful. The federal judge blocked the Trump administration from taking any steps that would compromise the fate of DACA recipients or even deport them back to their mother countries. Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, said that the administration was taking legal steps to seek a direction from the Supreme court about the merits of the injunction that was institute by a subordinate court.

The Attorney wanted the issue to be resolved quickly so the government can be properly advised on the steps to take on the DACA program. Sessions also added that he would challenge the ruling issued by the federal judge from California to ban the nationwide efforts by the trump administration to do away with the DACA program. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are more than 690,000 immigrants who are currently living in the United States under the DACA program.