The Director of the CIA Met With His Counterpart from Moscow in the US

Last week, the US government allowed a top spy from Russia to visit the United States despite the sanctions that were previously imposed against him which under normal circumstances would have prevented him from entering America. The top spy from Moscow was supposed to hold a couple of meetings with officials from the US intelligence community. As sources who sought to have their identity withheld, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Mike Pompeo and Sergey Naryshkin from Russia had a meeting to discuss on intelligence efforts in the fight against global terrorism.

Naryshkin has been on the list of individuals that have been sanctioned by the US government and serves as the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service director. Officials from the intelligence community have said that any meeting between the two intelligence directors was conducted in strict adherence to US Federal law despite the fact that the schedule for the meeting between the two was neither discussed nor made public. The officials continued to say that the meeting was also held after the consultation had been made with the relevant agencies and departments. The main agenda of the meeting between the two to spies was to hold discussions on the joint struggle in the fight against global terrorism according to a statement released by the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov.

Pompeo has however denied claims of any involvement with the alleged collusion between Kremlin and Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. Mr Pompeo has categorically stated that he was neither in the presidential campaign nor does he has any evidence that Russian spies were involved in the race for the White House in 2016. He added that Trump’s administration has dealt with all US adversaries both foreign and domestic in a very robust manner and that the CIA has always done its homework in such operations.

The CIA director admitted that there was pressure not only from his agency but from the entire administration to do everything humanly possible to ensure that such interference of US elections by foreigners does not happen in the fourth coming midterm elections this year, in 2020 and beyond. The Minority leader in the US Senate, Senator Chuck Schumer has said that the timing of the meeting between the lead spies from both countries is utterly suspicious. Schumer said that the meeting came just days after Trump declined to issue sanctions against politicians from Moscow and oligarchs over claims of interfering in the past presidential campaign and election.

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