The Deputy director For The FBI, Andrew McCabe Steps Down

On Monday, the FBI deputy director stepped down in a move that was widely anticipated. Deputy director Andrew McCabe’s move gave a further indication of the worsening relationship between President Donald Trump and the federal agencies that are tasked with investigating the ties between his presidential campaign and the Kremlin. McCabe resigns from office after he received multiple attacks from the commander-in-chief in the recent months. President Trump repeatedly said that the deputy director had been compromised from handling the duties of his office by a political donation that was made to his wife in 2015.

The White House Press secretary, Sarah Sanders in a statement distanced herself with the departure of the deputy director from office. Sanders said that as everyone had seen, there were numerous reports all the media in the US. However, she assured the press that the White House did not have a hand in the decision by Mr McCabe to vacate office. She added that the White House would not release any specific comment regarding the issue and referred any questions regarding the resignation to the federal agency. Sanders insisted that the US President stood by what he had said before about the deputy director but was not involved in making decisions in the bureau.

Sanders added that the White House had full confidence in the ability and dedication of the FBI director Christopher Wray in his ability to discharge his constitutional duties and that Trump had left him to deal with what was happening at the federal agency. The White House press secretary also denied claims that President Donald Trump had piled pressure on the British private investigator Robert S. Mueller to wind up his investigation quickly. She said that the only thing the president was interested in is to have the investigation come to a good end so that the American people and the world can know the truth about what happened during the presidential campaigns in 2016.

Sanders added that it was in the best interest of the American people to get the Russian fever out of their systems and concentrate on the stuff that was beneficial to the American citizenry. However, the circumstances of the deputy director’s departure from office are still unclear. Mr McCabe had given details of vacating office to some of his friends within the federal agency. Robert Mueller who had previously served as the director of the FBI is conducting private investigations on Kremlins involvement in Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

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