US president Trump Says That Chinese Authorities Have been Caught Exporting Oil to Pyongyang

On Thursday, the US president said that he was utterly disappointed by the Chinese government for allowing Oil exports into North Korea. The US president said such a move by Chinese authorities would deter the realization of a peaceful solution with Kim, Jong Un’s totalitarian regime over the ballistic missile program. The disregard of already established US foreign policy by President Trump and straining allies that former administrations have worked so hard to build has sent an alarm to both friends and foes.

The disdain for American policy abroad has shortened the odds for an all-out military action against Pyongyang. The Chinese authorities had earlier alluded to the fact that the embargo imposed by the United Nations to North Korea had not banned the exportation of petroleum by Chinese vessels to North Korean ships. According to a newspaper based in South Korea, Chosun Ilbo, surveillance satellites had recorded over thirty cases where Chinese vessels were selling oil to North Korea over the high seas since October of this year.

The report by the Seoul-based newspaper was seconded by Fox News which is one of the media houses that reports information based on the Tweets made by President Trump. The US president wrote that the chines authorities were caught “RED HANDED” with the use of capital letters to further insist on the issue. Trump said that he was very disappointed by the Chinese government for allowing oil supply to Pyongyang. Trump added that if such things continued to happen, there would never be a solution to the North Korean problem with Kim Jong Un.

Trump sent the tweet while spending time with his immediate family at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The White House Press team said that the President had traveled to one of his private golf courses in Florida when asked to comment about the President’s tweet. In both his speeches and on social media platforms such as tweeter, President Trump has been seen to be non-diplomatic when it comes to dealing with the rogue nation of North Korea.

He has repeatedly said that talks would be a waste of time with a country that has starved and killed millions of its citizens. For instance, Trump has before told a press briefing that if Pyongyang continued with its ballistic missile tests to threaten the United States or her allies, it would be met with fury and fire in proportions that the world has never seen before.

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