The Appointee to the Supreme Court by Trump Pushes the Conservative legal Agenda

Just eight months after he was appointed as a United States Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch has through his votes in the adjudication of the nation’s laws indicated that he is pushing the right Republican agenda. This is in line with what President trump promised when he nominated Gorsuch to sit on the Supreme Court bench. Gorsuch has established himself very early in his judicial career that could last for decades as a judge who will push the conservative agenda in the highest court in the United States.

The judge has been bold while expressing his ideas during rulings sometimes in idiosyncratic forms. Gorsuch has also been seen publicly attending audiences organized by the Republican Party. For instance, he made a public appearance at the International Hotel in Washington owned by President Trump where the president was giving a speech. Such occurrences have drawn criticism from the liberals who question his ability to adhere to the neutrality rite of passage for any Judge. The record of judge Gorsuch suggests that he is going to be a conservative vote on the Supreme Court bench that can be highly reliable to the Republican Party.

When Trump was campaigning to become US president, he promised to nominate a candidate who would follow in the steps of Antonin Scalia, a conservative icon who is held highly. Trump also pledged to do all that is within his powers as the United States president to maintain the federal judicial system to the right. The nomination and appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court bench has been a significant milestone towards the goal. Currently, the US Supreme Court has a 5-4 Republican majority. Since taking the reins of power in January, the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch who was nominated by President Trump represented one of the most significant victories to the Trump administration.

President Trump on Tuesday through his Twitter hurdle said that he was very proud of the job the Judge Gorsuch was doing at the highest court in the land. The president also rejected a report by the Washington Post that he had made a consideration to rescind the nomination of Gorsuch in the coming spring. According to the newspaper, Trump was angry that judge Gorsuch’s loyalty was not sufficient. In his response to those claims, the president said that he was never wavered by such irresponsible and untrue views from the media. The 50-year old Gorsuch speaks his mind whether insider or outside the courtroom.

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