Alabama Senate Race Highlights Manic State Of American Politics

The high-stakes election Tuesday for the Alabama Senate seat has perfectly painted the manic state of the American political climate under the Trump administration. It now seems quite possible that a win by Republicans Tuesday can be a long-time loss for the party. Conversely, for the Democrats, a loss Tuesday could easily be turned into a victory over time.

Republican candidate Roy Moore denies the allegations of child molestation that have made against him and still hopes to earn a seat that many seniors in his own party deem him unfit to hold.

Democratic candidate Doug Jones is using the scandalous nature of the charges against his opponent and hopes to become the first Democratic senator in the state of Alabama in 20 years.

The outcome of the race is likely to have a large influence on next year’s midterm elections.

The Moore campaign has highlighted the infighting that has taken place within the Republican Party between the old guard represented by President Trump and Moore, and branch of the party that considers itself to be more forward-thinking in its approach to the party’s direction.

President Trump has been quite frank in his endorsement of Moore saying publicly that Jones would ‘always vote against’ the Trump agenda. But as indicative of the turmoil within the Republican party, Alabama’s senior citizen, Richard Shelby is on record saying that he would not support the campaign of Roy Moore.

A victory by Jones would leave the GOP with only a one-seat party advantage in the Senate and increase the likelihood of a democratic reclaiming of the Senate majority in 2018.

The Democrats have placed themselves in an admirable position by jettisoning members of their own party that had been accused of sexual misconduct. This has enabled them for characterizing Moore as a prime example of the Republican party’s loss of ethics and morality in their pursuit of political power.

The accusations against Moore are many and they are bad. He is accused of pursuing sexual relationships with multiple women during their teenage years and molesting a 14-year-old girl. He has also been accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. All allegations against Moore allegedly took place when the senator was in his thirties.

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