Using GRE for Law School

There are concerns that LSAT monopoly is coming to an end. This comes after it was determined that the University of Arizona law school had accepted GRE scores instead of LSAT scores. This is said to have happened last year. In the past, students had to pass LSAT tests to gain admission to law school. For starters, LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. The University of Arizona seems to have set precedence after other prestigious institutions in America announced that they would start considering the GRE scores. These institutions include Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern University, and Georgetown. Harvard and Columbia have also announced that they will use GRE scores. Some experts say that this is a trick and an elite one. GMAT suffered the same fate 10 years ago when it allowed GRE to be considered for people wishing to join business schools. At the moment, close to 1,300 business schools accept the score from applicants. The founding partner of Spivey Consulting Mike Spivey said that few schools would allow the applicants to use the GRE tests. This will be followed by a widespread acceptance across America. He further notes that this test offers more than LSAT can offer. For instance, the test can be used for applying to other programs and not just law programs.

Admissions dean at Georgetown University said that they had been contemplating about which of the two tests had a wider appeal. He further said that they discovered that the current program had a narrow aspect. The name of the admission dean is Andrew Cornblatt. Since GRE test in known for its qualitative analysis, the law sector alongside other areas such as math, engineering, and technology can use GRE to identify deductive thinkers. Colleges and universities are changing the approaches they use to admit applicants to their institutions. For instance, Yale recently requested applicants to submit their applications that should consist of a video, an audio file and a document on why they should be admitted to the institution. In the past, the institution could only ask for a written submission and grades. This is further proof that colleges are looking into other things before considering an applicant. It’s also an indication that innovation and the ability to solve problems quicker will play a huge part in the admission process. Georgia Tech director of undergraduate admission Rick Clark says that the school has to look into the legacy of a student before they admit him.

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