Barrack Obama Appears on Jury Duty

Barrack Obama has been a lot of things in his life. He has been a leader of the free world and a senator from Illinois. Now that things don’t last forever, Mr. Obama is just an activist and an Illinois taxpayer. On Wednesday, he returned to his home state of Illinois for the most somber of civic obligations. He was serving as jury member after he had been summoned by a judge in the area. However, in as much as the people of Chicago might have tried to play it cool, they couldn’t. Most of the people were attracted by the sight of the former president who was appearing in Room 1700 of the county courthouse. As for Mr. Obama, he would earn only $17.20 that day, which is enough to pay for a parking ticket the entire day. He even wore a red juror sticker on his suit. Circuit Court of Cook County chief judge Timothy C. Evans said that the president was willing to go through the duties that other people had undergone through. The judge, however, had the privilege of meeting the former president that whole morning. This was a special occasion for him as very few jurors or members of the court had this opportunity.

But the question that remains is why were people excited to see the former president in a courthouse. Some said that there were just curious and excited seen a former president do a mundane task. Some people joked that the next thing for Mr. Obama might be taking a driver’s test, or mowing a lawn. Some people were just intrigued by the thought whether Mr. Obama will be made the foreman of the jury. At the same time, it was a good thought to imagine the reaction of the defendant when he realizes that Mr. Obama was on the list of jurors. However, the former president had to go through something that other jurors don’t normally go through. For instance, many reporters decided to stalk his South Side home. At the same time, the reporters also tracked his trip up to the courthouse. And when he arrived, he was met with curious members of the public and most had a phone camera pointed at him. Jurors also had the time of their lives as they took pictures with the former president and had some few books for him to sign. Some people, on the other hand, said that there were several drawbacks with Mr. Obama being on the jury.

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