Donald Trump Calls Jeff Flake a Democrat

Since Donald Trump became president of the United States, he has not shied away from expressing his distaste for the current junior Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake. On a number of occasions, Trump has referred to Mr. Flake as weak and as a flake. Well, the president on Wednesday accused the senator of being a Democrat. He then went ahead and gave a distorted timeline of his fight with the outgoing Arizona Senator who announced on Tuesday that he would not be seeking re-election. Mr. Trump told reporters yesterday that long before the campaigns, he had heard about Mr. Flake from a terrible book he had written. On reading the horrible book, the president demanded to know who he was. He said that he saw him for the first time on the TV, long before he even considered entering politics. Mr. Trump then said that from the first time he saw him of TV, he assumed Mr. Flake was a Democrat, and this has been the case since then. The president said that his opinion on the outgoing senator has not changed. However, research by the Times reveals that the two gentlemen bumped into each other at a private Republican summit meeting that was organized at the Capitol Hill in early July 2016. By then, the president had clinched the primaries at the Republican National Convention.

The book by Mr. Flake is referred to as Conscience of a Conservative and was published this August. In a series of tweets this year, Donald Trump referred to Jeff Flake as weak. However, when the White House was asked about the time when the president saw the book, officials refused to comment. Since 2000, when he was first elected, the Arizona Senator has remained as the most conservative Republican. Before he joined politics, Mr. Flake used to work for the Goldwater Institute in Arizona as the executive director. This meant working with the conservative senator Barry M. Goldwater. During his time in Senate, he has maintained his conservative stand by rejecting spending bills and also fighting over earmarks. In his past re-election bid, he was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. He has been a key member of a committee that records the wasteful spending of every government that he has been part of. However, his support for immigration has not gone well with Mr. Trump hence the term Democrat.

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