Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Supports Trump

President Donald Trump has taken a great deal of criticism from the media and even members of his own party for controversial remarks he made in the wake of the violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. The people who have come to the defense of Trump have been few and far between. This is because Trump said there were “fine people” on either side of the protest. Trump was also criticized for taking two days to denounce white supremacists and neo-Nazis. All of these things combined to create a tidal wave of negative publicity for President Trump.

Steve Mnuchin is the Secretary of the Treasury who was appointed by Trump. He is a graduate of Yale University. Many of the people who attended Yale with Mnuchin have asked him to resign from his job as a way of protesting Trump’s remarks which they perceived to be insensitive. However, Mnuchin made it very clear in a statement that he will not be going anywhere. He said that he does not believe that President Trump thinks the same about peaceful protesters as he does about racists and Nazi sympathizers. Mnuchin went on to say that he does not think that Trump is a racist person. The fact that Mnuchin is Jewish made this statement even more powerful than it otherwise would have been.

Mnuchin’s fellow Yale classmates thought is was his “moral obligation” to resign from his lofty post. However, he said that it is better if he remains a part of the Trump administration. Mnuchin believes that it is better for the country if Trump is surrounded by bright and talented people. He recently had Trump as a guest at his wedding. Mnuchin said that he would not have agreed to be part of Trump’s administration if he thought the man was a racist.

All of the other White House officials have remained silent concerning their feelings about the remarks Trump made. Mnuchin is the only person so far to come to Trump’s defense. However, the negative publicity does not seem to bother Trump at all. He continues to go about his business. Mnuchin also said that he wanted to keep his job so he could try to help improve various areas of the country. He has said that he will try to stop the funding of terrorist organizations. He also wants to work on reforming certain parts of the tax code that are outdated.

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